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This is a review for the movie Amityville Horror (the remake).
Now if you know the story of Amityville horror you know that it's about a haunted house so to speak that possessed this dude to kill his family and then a year later a family moves in and it possesses the main man to kill his family but they leave before it gets that far.  Now I saw the original so I was comparing the two throughout the whole movie.  What I liked was that they showed the damn ghost girl this time around instead of making her an animal.  They also decided to make the family leave differently by boat instead of by car.  And they made the baby sitter hot, and a pot smoker and a bad baby sitter at that.  But they left out the part where the kid gets his hand stuck in the window and instead the little girl goes on the roof and is about to jump.  They didn't cut the movie by saying what day it was everytime it went from night to day which I thought was kinda cool.  This movie had less of a 70's touch though, it looked more like todays life then 70's life which I don't like.  They say "Based on a true story" Which in Hollywood that means something close to it happened but wasn't that big, so they took that and added a few hundred things to make a movie out of it.  That's my guess but over all I'll give this two scores:  One for a movie and one for a remake.  For a movie I give it a 9/10, it's an interesting story.  But as a remake I give it a 6/10.  They could have been closer to the original.
+Pretty cool subject.
-Not close enough to the original movie.

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