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This review is for DBZ Budokai 3 for PS2.
With this game you get to play as most DBZ characters.  But for a trequel game this game is more of the same.  They updated maybe 5 or 6 more characters and a few more places to fight which is pretty cool.  And now you have to press buttons in a synchronized order to win those fast battle things.  But for the most part there is no difference between this game and the last two.  They didn't change anything that was wrong about the games before like the automatic flying, or how slow the chars move or the voice overs like Cell's voice for instance.  They also make certain characters wayyyy too powerful and some wayyyyy too weak.  In a sense it is good if you want show accuracy but not fun for a video game.  Overall I give it a 5/10.
+Some cool new stuff.
-They didn't get rid of the flaws from the other two games.

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