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This review is for the Movie Sin City.
Interesting movie, Quentin Tarentino has something to do with it but the question is what?  If I were to talk about the plot of this movie, I would get lost.  This was a pretty good movie but it was pretty confusing.  Starts off with Bruce Willis's character stopping a pedofile from raping this eleven year old girl and he succeeds but the badguy lives.  Then it warps to another guy with a whore who don't know she's a whore and she is killed while they are asleep.  After the conflict is resolved it warps to another guy working with a whole band of whores revolting against the mafia and after their conflict is resolved it goes back to Bruce Willis.  And he resolves his conflict, I don't wanna give too much away since I'd rather you see this movie for itself.  I give this movie a 9/10.
+Pretty cool plot

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