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This review is for Starfox Assault for Gamecube.
This game is a sequel to the first Starfox game for Gamecube which I liked a lot.  This game though, is not very fun at all.  First of all the plot is back to as thin as fishing line just like the first two games.  The gameplay isn't special.  The music is dull as a brick.  The controls are not great either, they made this game less like Star Fox Adventure and more like Starfox and I don't like that.  If this had been a game that was a real sequel that had you mostly on foot solving problems and still shooting then I would have liked it more.  They made every mission basically the same damn thing which is annoying.  Just like Star Wars: Battlefront.  Except that game was fun since you got to choose what you wanted and the levels were long and it was ALL shooting.  This game is just bland, Nintendo you have done it again took a great game and killed it with a sequel.  I give this game a 6/10.
+Fun for a while
-Music dull
-Plot thin

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