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This review is for Mario Power Tennis for Nintendo Gamecube.
This game is pretty interesting, Nintendo never fails to surprise me in their sporty yet popular characters molded together games. Another Mario Tennis Title which for N64 it was great! Really fun.
Good: What I liked about this game is you get really cool powerup moves and the AI is extremely stupid. Tournement mode is pretty cool especially the end scenes when you win one and get a kiss from Princess Toadstool or if you're Koopa then you get one from good ol' Birdo hahahahaha. This game is cute, it's nothing to go showing off to your PS2 and X-Box buddies but if you have many GCN fans then you could get a good game going.
Bad: I didn't like how cheap some characters are. I had the hardest time with Donkey Kong being Mario in tournement mode. And in gimmick mode on Koopa's castle course I had a hard time with Daisy. I also don't like how BORING this game is to watch and after a while to play it is SOOOO repetitive all the modes are basically the same damn thing. Overall I give this game a booming 7/10.
+A.I is pretty dum
+Cute(which can be a bad thing)
+Fun for a while
-Cheap A.I on certain modes
-Boring to watch and play after a while.

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