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Answer to last month's quote
"What do you want me to do? Wack a guy? Off a guy? Wack off a guy...cuz I'm married."
Peter in the episode where he accidently hires a hitman on Lois.
Other answers accepted:
The fat guy
The Dad
That episode with Louie Anderson.
Answer to February's quote:
"It's a beautiful baby girl! Oh no she has a penis!"
Peter in the episode where he and Lois try to have another baby while Stewie tries to prevent it.
Other answers excepted:
the fat guy
The episode where Peter sings the Lois song to Lois.
Answer to January's quote:
"Now kids, daddy only drank so that the statue of liberty would take her clothes off."

Peter, in the first episode: Other answer accepted:
The first episode 
The Dad
That episode with the Kool-Aid Man.

Here I will have a quote for 28 days (eh I will try to remember to change the best I can) and anyone that can guess who said the quote and what episode it is from gets put on "The Ranks"

This month's quote:

"They sent you a memo yesturday and it said for Peter but you must have thought it was from you and uh you know it's just easier to call you stupid!"

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