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This review is for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PS2.
This game is another one of the Grand Theft Auto Titles which they are all good! Now first I am going to do the things I liked and then the stuff I didn't like (This is basically the way I will do reviews from now on). Good:
I liked how they finally changed the character "Tommy" from the others was a retard I am sorry to say, now you are CJ a Brotha from the Hood. Also I enjoy all the neat new vehicles and motor vehicles you can ride in or on. The music is pretty cool. I think the stats is a good system, you need to build skill and muscle and stuff like that. And I love how they finally made it so you can swim!
Bad: Now what I didn't like for one thing the graphics; They are choppy, grainy and very bright they hurt ones eyes. I also don't like the new befangled cheat codes R1 R1 R2 X Up down left right up down left L2 etc. They make it harder to cheat and well I only play these games for the killing not really for the story because the stories were never good. I also think they killed some playability with the newer controls. Also the place is HUGE so it is harder to find your way around. Overall I give this game a smoking 8/10.
+Great Upgrades (for the most part)
+Good Music
+Awesome new things to play with
-Graphics are eyesores
-HUGE Map hard to make way around
-Cheat Codes are more confusing then ever.

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