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This review is for Resident Evil 4 for Gamecube.
First thing I have to say is "Gamecube only has kiddie games eh?" Second thing I have to say is this game is really awesome! If you do not like the RE series yet, try this game no buy this game and you will be amazed with what these titles have to offer! You play as Leon from RE2, and your in Europe on a mission to save the president's daughter from these mindless zombie-villagers. Now yes the "zombies" lets call them are smarter and they do throw crap at you a lot, but it adds to the series it does not take away from the greatness of Resident Evil series. Also aiming is a bit more realistic since you have a laster pointing where you are aiming so unlike RE0 where you point your gun up and shoot down a dog. This game's graphics are beautiful! Leon is an awesome main character. The only problem I have with this game is like all RE games it is long and tretchurous and a constant heart attack around every corner. Overall this fabulous game gets a 12/10.
+Awesome looking game
+Awesome Main Character
+Great new storyline
-Still have you on the edge of your seat
-Still very long game.

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