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This review is for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the GBA.
This game has a continuation story to Kingdom Hearts for PS2. But the battle system is new and it makes this game a little more challenging than the first game. Let's talk about the good before the bad. Well let's see...good...good...umm Cloud still kicks ass, and you still have to fight Leon and all your fave Square chars are back. And it's a continuation which is cool. Now for the bad. First of all the BATTLE SYSTEM SUCKS! Card breaking is when your enemy throws a card that is higher than the one you throw out wether it be attack card or not. (This games battle system is card based) Also you are fighting alone you don't get any party members which blows asshole also! The music in this game sucks ass. The voices suck ass, the bosses are very very cheap. (not all of them but most of them) and this game is only worth it if you are a Square-Enix fan and you liked the first game. I give this horrible continuation a 3/10.
+Cloud kicks ass
+Technically the battle system is innovative
+The Story is still good.
-Battle system
-No Party Members.

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